Last Update > We have extended the deadline for registration to 12th September ! Applications are in progress.

5th M-Sphere Conference 2016

  Book of Abstracts 2016

Multidisciplinarity in Business & Science

2016 M-Sphere Conference was organised by M-Sphere - Association for Multidisciplinarity in Business and Society
2016 M-Sphere Conference was hosted at Importanne Resort, DUBROVNIK.


Call for Papers



The 2016 M-Sphere Conference has two goals:


The first goal is to provide an international environment for different academic/professional approaches and discussions on recent development in multidisciplinarity in business and science.
The second goal is to put corner-stone for establishing of a stabile network of academics and businessmen who believe in multidisciplinarity.


Focus of the Conference will be on various aspects of contemporary political, economic, social and technological environment for international business practice(s) and their target market(s) with special emphasis on multidisciplinary approach.


4th M-Sphere Conference



Book of Abstracts & Book of Papers are available!




  • Prior to 12th September - Registration by submitting a paper abstract
  • Up to 15th September - Information of abstract acceptance (review)
  • 30th September 2016. - Final registration for the 5th M-Sphere Conference
  • 10th October 2016. - Detailed conference program will be published
  • 27th - 29th October 2016. - The Conference (with published Book of Abstracts)
  • 1st December 2016. - Full papers could be submitted before or after Conference but up to 1st December 2016 (AT LATEST!).
  • 10th December 2016. - Authors will receive full paper acceptance notice from the Organizing Committee (or) in 10 days after submission for papers delivered on 1st December
  • 15th January 2017. - Book of Papers 2016 M-Sphere ... (also see: Publication Opportunities)